Modular Japanese House Kit Tutorial – Interior Props – Part B

In this post, I will present the props contained in the following folders:  A_PropsInt/Mise, A_PropsInt/Food and A_PropsInt/Noren.


Mise (店) in Japanese means “store, shop, establishment, restaurant”. In this folder you find useful props for your Japanese shops or restaurants.

BP_Counter, BP_Counter_Corner

This is a type of counter: it has 3 material instances for the base and 3 for the shelves, the blueprint allows to make all possible combinations. You can see a practical use of these BPs in MS_Machiya_2,  MS_Machiya_10 and MS_Machiya_14 example maps.


BP_Counter_2, BP_Counter_2_Corner, BP_Counter_2_Refr, SM_SupportCeiling, SM_SupportCeilingCorner

These are meshes and BPs for another type of counter. You can see them at work in  sushi bar example (MS_Machiya_8 example map) or in MS_Machiya_11 and MS_Machiya_16 maps.



Eating corner. It  has a few material variations you can play with. You find some examples on how to use it in  MS_Machiya_2 and   MS_Machiya_10 example maps.



SM_simple_table_dark, SM_simple_table_natural, SM_simple_table_red, SM_simple_chair_dark, SM_simple_chair_natural, SM_simple_chair_red

Three wood variations of a simple table and corresponding chairs.


SM_counter_chair_dark,SM_counter_chair_natural, SM_counter_chair_red

Three wood variations for a counter chair. They works well with BP_counter.ScreenShot00058


Another counter chair. This one works well with BP_Counter_2



A shelf, can be used with the bowls and other kitchen props.


Kitchen props

SM_Bowl_1, SM_Bowl_2, SM_Pot_1, SM_Pot_2, SM_Pot_3, SM_Sushi_Plate, SM_Tray

Sake bottles, boxes and glasses

SM_Sake_Bottle_1, SM_Sake_Bottle_2, SM_Sake_Box_1, SM_Sake_Box_2, SM_Sake_3, SM_Sake_3_Box, SM_Sake_Glass, SM_Sake_Vase, SM_Sake_Barrel


ScreenShot00047ScreenShot00048Other props

SM_ClothHanger, SM_RiceBarrel, SM_RiceSack, SM_Barrel_Market, SM_Barrel_Market_2




SM_Sushibar_Menu: hanging menu for a sushi bar


SM_Menu_Udon: hanging menu for a restaurant serving udon


SM_Menu_V_Beer, SM_Menu_V_Coffee, SM_Menu_V_Sake_Big, SM_Menu_V_Sake_Small: set of four hanging menu for price for beer, coffee, a big glass of sake and a small one. You can easily add your own making a new texture similar to ‘MJH/A_PropsInt/Mise/textures/T_Menu_V_text’ and a new material instance.



SM_grill_table, SM_grill, SM_grill_grid: with these meshes you can compose some Asian grills. You always need  SM_grill_table and SM_grill. SM_grill_grid is only used when you want to put a grid on the grill. You find the food props for this grills under MJH/PropsInt/Food/. The grill can also be used as external prop.



These are from public domain images

SM_Poster_1: Hara on the Tokaido, ukiyo-e prints by Hiroshige (1797,1858). The painting is part of the  landscape series The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō.


SM_Poster_2: Ukiyo-e woodblock print of a cuckoo and azaleas by Katsushika Hokusai (1828)


SM_Poster_3: Station Yui, ukiyo-e prints by Hiroshige (1797,1858). Also this painting is part of the  landscape series The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō.


Shop signboards

SM_Signboard, SM_Signboard_Up_1, SM_Signboard_Up_2, SM_Sign_Izakaya


As the name suggests, this folder contains some food:

  1. SM_yakitori: Yakitori (焼き鳥), grilled chicken;
  2. SM_dango_4 : Mitarashi Dango (みたらし団子), still to be grilled (you can put it on the Asian grill mesh, as in this picture;
  3. SM_dango_3 : Hanami Dango, another type of dango (団子); it has three colors, and it’s traditionally made during Sakura-viewing season. Hence the name Hanami  (花見) that means “flower viewing”; “hana (花)” meaning “flower”, and “mi (見)” meaning “to see”.


Noren (暖簾) are the traditional Japanese curtains. They are used to protect a house from wind, dust, and rain and to keep a house warm on cold days or to provide shade on hot days. They are also use as decoration or  to divide a room into 2 separate spaces.
Noren are also quite common outside shops and restaurants with the double scope of protecting from the weather and displaying the logo of the business.

In this folder, you find also some banners for your shops. They can be all created using BP_banner.


Modular Japanese Town House Documentation

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