Modeled a top shirt in Marvelous, again textured in Substance Painter and skinned/morphed in DAZ, then imported in Unreal. Here the result., tested also body morphs, for different weights, muscular properties.


Military/Work Trousers

I’ve modeled the pants in Marvelous Designer and are all the same mesh.
Then, I used Substance Painter for texturing and came out with three different variants, one destroyed military and two for working.
The screenshots are taken once imported in Unreal Engine, after being skinned and morphed in DAZ 3D and after some cleaning work in Maya LT.

How to set value of multiple UPropertyHandle at once

Like that:


const FScopedTransaction Transaction(LOCTEXT("CamSnap", "Camera Snap"));

RotationUPropertyHandle->SetValue(CameraRotation, EPropertyValueSetFlags::InteractiveChange | EPropertyValueSetFlags::NotTransactable);
LocationUPropertyHandle->SetValue(CameraLocation, EPropertyValueSetFlags::InteractiveChange | EPropertyValueSetFlags::NotTransactable);