Bone Driven Controller with Custom Rotation Order Anim node for UE4

Bone driven controller rotation source around Y is limited to -90°..90° interval, which can be a problem. For example, if you have an elbow rotating around Y and you have a morph that should be applied between 110° and 135°, the default bone driven controller is useless. This node solves the problem by allowing you to specify custom rotation order that will be used for transforming quaternion to euler.

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Saejima WIP2 [Daz to UE4]

Work on our Asian friend continues. I adapted the material for the teeth from the new UE4 photo-realistic character sample. Also studied SS profile, roughness and specularity values in the sample and changed mines to match them better. Still some problems from the eye occlusion mesh, maybe need to remake again.


Saejima WIP [Daz to UE4]

Another port from Daz to UE4. This time a guy, “Saejima”. Screenshots are from 4.19, so no new 4.20 features yet.

We started from G8 basic male and used various shaping parameters to obtain  an Asian looking face, then added some more muscles.

For making the normals and AO we exported high res and low res as .obj and baked in Substance Painter combined with G8M bump maps.

For eyes, we took some Paragon eyes, fit in G8M, imported in Daz, created a “Follower”, fit to our character, imported in back maya, fit again, because the occluder didn’t really fit. In short, eyes are difficult to adapt.

In Unreal, normals are a little bit intensified using “flatten normals” node with a negative parameter.

Probably, it can be improved more. Also, it would be interesting to check in 4.20.

Screenshots made in UE4.19 with an empty level, a directional light from the front and a spot light from the back.