How to make corrective morphs for clothing in Marvelous Designer and DAZ 3D

When you have a cloth and you bend an arm or a leg, corrective morphs are used to make the cloth look realistically folded. In this post I describe how I’ve used Marvelous Designer to automatically create corrective morphs for clothes and imported them in DAZ3D.

I’ve simulated some pants in Marvelous Designer using DAZ 3D Genesis 8 base male as avatar, then imported in DAZ and automatically skinned to the same Genesis 8 male base character. Everything worked fine, except that there are some little skinning imperfections that should be corrected. In this previous post I’ve presented a method for fixing this kind of problems, already on a custom DAZ 3D figure, in Maya.  In this post, I want to present a more powerful and accurate way to address this issue using Marvelous Designer in order to simulate the morphs.

This approach is better than the previous one because the simulated morph in Marvelous is way more realistic with respect to what one can achieve with the sculpting tool and, most important, one only has to do this once for the base DAZ character and then the correction will automatically work for every custom character.

I recorded the full procedure in the following video, there are a few not trivial things one should do in order to have it working correctly in DAZ3D.

Here the result after I fixed 4 corrective morphs, the 2 Side-Side morphs and the 2 Bend morphs. The screenshots are taken on a custom character.


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