Photogrammetry Breakdown: Preparing Photos

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In order to prepare photos for being used in a photogrammetry software, like Metashape, we do the following steps:

  • As our camera stores the raw photos in CR3 format, first thing we do is to convert them to DNG using the Adobe DNG converter free tool;
  • Create the color checker profile using the “Colorchecker Camera Calibration” program, then save it in “C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles” which is actually the default option ;
Step 1 Create the profile
  • Import photos in Lightroom;
  • Edit the color checker photo: in develop mode apply the profile and setup the white balance;
Step 2 Set profile in Lightroom
Step 3 Drag the White Balance pipette on the white square for landscape on the color checker photo.
Step 4 Now profile and WB are corrected, we can sync the color profile and the white balance to all concerned photos.
  • Sync these edited properties to all concerned photos;
  • Bulk export the edited photos as dng in order to use them in Metashape.

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26 photo scanned rocks, stones and walls from Swiss Alps are available as game assets for UE5 on Artstation.

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