Face animation with bones (Daz3D to UE4)

Victoria 8 expressions (eCTRL) exported from daz3d as animation, one expression per frame. Imported in Unreal Engine 4, played at 10% speed. All animated with bones, no morph targets.

We made an animation in Daz3D that has exactly one eCTRL attribute enabled every frame. This was done using a script, key was set to linear.

Then we exported the animation with all morphs baked and as usual X/Y/ZRotations disabled in morph rules (Daz sometimes thinks that rotations should be baked as morphs, therefore ignoring those “morphs” in the list or rules solves the issue)

Resulting animation uses only face bones, no morph targets. It should be possible to export eJCM morphs too, but it looks already good like that.

UE4 don’t support more than 8 influences. Victoria 8 has max 8 influences almost everywhere, only couple of vertices have more influences (on the cheeks).

Importing in UE4 and playing at 10% speed gives the result above.

Next step is to split that to poses.

Also, look at those UE4 eyes from photorealistic character sample! Has to write more about it.

5 thoughts on “Face animation with bones (Daz3D to UE4)

    1. Mot sure to understand. You mean use Daz mesh with UE skeleton? That’s not possible, daz has its own different skeleton. If you want to use animations made for UE4 you need to retarget them to daz skeleton.

      1. Before the DazToUE tool there was a way to export obj from Daz, import to 3ds Max, mate to UE4 skeleton, export to fbx, then import to UE. Allowed you to get higher poly counts and have the UE4 skeleton.

  1. So I was trying to achieve this for more than a month now… could you comment a rule example so I could see it? didn’t find any good documentation 😐

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