Japanese Traditional Furniture

I’ve started this project as a learning zBrush project. It consists on remaking/improving some props I already had for the MJH – Modular Japanese Town House UE4 kit, like the tansu (箪笥) cabinetry, and adding new ones. In particular I added a short leg table (chabudai, ちゃぶ台), legless chairs (zaisu, 座椅子) and their cushions (zabuton, 座布団) and a sake set.

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Sushi Chef

One of the things I did last fall/summer, but I never published on this blog, is a sushi chef model. I’ve modeled the cloths with Marvelous Designer 9. Actually, the main reason for this model was to try the new features available in Marvelous 9. The typical Japanese geta (下駄) shoes were modeled in Maya lt. Everything is textured in Substance Painter. The character is Lee from DAZ 3D (Genesis 8).

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Modular Japanese Town House Example Maps: MS_Machiya_7

Machiya_7 is inspired from liquor store also located in Ise in the Mie Prefecture on the same street as Machiya_6.
There are a lot of pictures of this store and they are the inspiration not only for the house itself, but also for a lot of props I’ve modeled for this project, like sake cups, bottles and barrels, curtains, shop signs, etc.  Continue reading “Modular Japanese Town House Example Maps: MS_Machiya_7”