Modular Japanese Town House Example Maps: MS_Machiya_2

This house example is a restaurant. The exterior is inspired by the restaurant next to the museum I took as inspiration for MS_Machiya_1, as you can see in this photo. For the interior of this example I didn’t take the real restaurant interior, as I did in other maps, but I invented one using various source of inspiration from photos on pinterest and video games.

In particular, the first floor is inspired by this interior design mixed with some photos of real restaurants, like for example this one.

On the second floor, I added a gambling corner inspired by a few gambling corners you can see in my favorite Japanese game series, the 龍が如く (Ryuugagotoku, known in the West as Yakuza) series (the games that brought me to study Japanese and, in particular,  thanks to 龍が如く Ishin!, gave me the idea of modelling this kit :-))

And finally, to conclude this presentation a small video about this house recorded in the the demo of the kit.

Modular Japanese Town House Documentation

Modular Japanese Town House Pack on UE4 Marketplace 

Download Demo


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