Modular Japanese Town House Example Maps: MS_Machiya_7

Machiya_7 is inspired from liquor store also located in Ise in the Mie Prefecture on the same street as Machiya_6.
There are a lot of pictures of this store and they are the inspiration not only for the house itself, but also for a lot of props I’ve modeled for this project, like sake cups, bottles and barrels, curtains, shop signs, etc. 

The back part and the second floor of the example building are simply composed of rooms for the merchant family to live (well, judging from the furniture I’ve chosen a quite wealthy one, tough!).

Definitively, one of my favorite example houses for this pack, I hope you enjoy the virtual visit.

Finally a short video presentation from the demo


Modular Japanese Town House Documentation

Modular Japanese Town House Pack on UE4 Marketplace 

Download Demo


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