Modular Japanese Town House Example Maps: MS_Machiya_11

This example machiya is inspired from this house located as the previous examples ( Machiya_6, Machiya_7, Machiya_9 and Machiya_10) again in an historical quarter in Ise in the Mie Prefecture.

In this example you can see not only the building itself, but also a lot of interior and exterior props, such as some food, sake bottles and boxes, rice packs and barrels, barrels, curtains, chairs, benches, banners, dishes, etc available in the pack at work. Actually, all the props available in the pack are described in several posts in the documentation; please refer to it and to the UE4 Marketplace page for a complete overview of all the assets available.

Finally a video from the playable demo

Modular Japanese Town House Documentation

Modular Japanese Town House Pack on UE4 Marketplace 

Download Demo


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