How to fix little imperfections of DAZ 3D automatic skinning in Maya

I modeled some clothes in Marvelous Designer (using DAZ Genesis 8 basic male as avatar) and then used DAZ 3D to skin them and fit them to a custom character. The automatic skin is pretty good, but needs some little corrections, for example in the armpit or between the legs.
There are a few ways of fixing these problems. One consists in correcting some weights in the skinning, using “hammer weights” or similar functions. I usually avoid this approach, because it ends up often messing everything up. I prefer to use an approach consisting in fixing specific corrective morphs for the specific pose that poses problem, editing the morph with the powerful “Sculpt Geometry Tool” available in the section Surfaces. The tool is pretty easy to use, but every time I forget were it is located in Maya LT, so I decided to make a little video helping me to remember where the tool is and illustrating the principle for everyone who is interested using this approach:

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