Victoria goes to the beach (Video)

Victoria 8 from Daz3D went to the beach in Unreal Engine 4. Video plus few pics.

Starring: Victoria 8, bikini, hair and poses from Daz 3D store; ocean and trees from UE4 Ocean Plugin; animations from female anim pack from UE4 marketplace, retargeted in maya. Modded UE4 with Dual Quaternion support (made by Daz3D user AlienRenders)

This is work in progress. Satisfied but still need work: anim retargeting, body and morphs, skin. Need more work: eyes. Need much more work: hair, clothing (dynamic).

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  1. That looks great, how did you get the UE4 version with dual quaternion support? There’s no link in the forum thread above and it seems there is no pull request on the UE4 source by AlienRenders that has this change…

  2. Could you do a video tutorial highlighting the workflow you use to get this result from Daz? I think it would be super popular.

  3. Hi, ANNA. it looks great. could you share dual-quaternion mode for ue4? cuz there is nothing in AlienRenders Github :(, he probably closed his github. If you share DQ mode or any information about DQ for UE4, I would be very appreciate.

      1. Thank you for replying. I’ve finished ue4 compiling from above link. however, its UE 4.13. How do i pick only the DQ skinning from 4.13? please let me know it. i hope to test it in latest version.

        1. Hi Nick,
          You picked the wrong version.
          You have to choose the correct version first. Click on the button saying “Branch:release” and select 4.18-mod. Then download and compile.

          1. Thank you, I found it. btw, I have a question about JCM. I thought UE4 have no set-driven key like maya blendshapes editor. how did you make it? is it like ‘Pose Driver’?

          2. UE don’t import driven keys from maya. Right now I just bake them in maya and import as curves (before exporting animation you select blend shape node and click “bake” in anim>key menu). It works but it’s not dynamic, won’t work for ragdolls for example, or for ik driven stuff.

            UE have Pose Driver and Bone driven controller nodes, they are like driven keys and they are dynamic, but you have to create them yourself.

          3. May I ask you how did you build this mod(4.18)? I used TIFF support(AlienRenders made) however, I failed to build this mod, please see this pics :
            ( setup.bat -> GenerateProjectFiles.bat -> TIFF support[Prompt for VS2017) -> UE4.sln Build )
            I tried many times to build mod for 4.18, I failed everytime. I need help.
            Please tell me the build progress you did.

          4. I didn’t have this error. I think nldef.h is something windows related. Do you have the windows 8.1 sdk installed in visual studio?

          5. Yes, I installed windows 8.1 sdk as UE4 documents guide. I’ve searching this problem a lot. some people have same problem like me. 🙁 anyway thank you for replying.

          6. Would you please tell me your windows version? I guess Windows Preview insider makes this kinda problem.

  4. Loving this blog! many thanks for sharing your amazing work!

    Quick question if you don’t. I have been trying to build UE4 4.18 from the source for few days now and I keep getting errors after errors. I must have tried 4 different version of the source and any I am exhausting all the possibilities now. It’s getting ever so frustrating now 🙁

    I’m running windows 10 Version 1709
    Visual Studio Community 2017 Version 15.6.5 running as administrator (I have matched your install component with the screenshot from your post above)

    I have tried so many forums and different solutions and suggestion with no luck. I can’t find anyone with same problem as me exactly anyway. I was really appriciated it if you could take a look at the screenshot and maybe you might know a solution.

    I have linked the error screenshot and error message below.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Modded 4.18 has also TIFF support mod included. You can use mod 4.19 or follow those instructions from AlineRenders on the daz forum:

      The releases with -mod have the DQ skinning. You can cherry pick the revisions you want (the DQ specific ones) into your own branch if you don’t want TIFF support.

      For those who want to compile TIFF support…

      Launch the developer x64 command prompt for VS2015/VS2017
      Go to your UE4 folder.
      cd Engine\Source\ThirdParty\libTIFF

      Then build UE4.

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