Ryouriya’s (料理屋) interior and other progress on the modular Japanese house

I’m still working to build a machiya street with stores, restaurants and privates houses , inspired from  pictures of Kyoto and Ise.  Here you can see some progress I did in the last weeks. I hope you like it. Since my previous screenshots, I’ve been working on the lights, especially on the material used in UE4. Continue reading “Ryouriya’s (料理屋) interior and other progress on the modular Japanese house”

Japanese Liquor Store Sakaya (酒屋) and Other Interiors Preview

Another little preview of the Japanese Modular House. Added a few props, like the zabuton (座布団 – とん typical Japanese cushions used as chairs), the byoubu (屏風 – びょうぶ- folding screens), some sake bottles, barrels, lamps and curtains (called noren 暖簾 –  のれん in Japanese). Continue reading “Japanese Liquor Store Sakaya (酒屋) and Other Interiors Preview”

Japanese Modular House (Work in progress)

UPDATE July, 2018: I’ve completely remodeled again the whole thing to avoid the unsightly borders in the middle of the pillars. Now it’s looking completely differently, look here some more recent posts.

Japanese Modular House: A small preview of what I’m doing right now. Modelling in Maya LT, texturing in Substance Painter. It looks really improved with respect to the previous version. Still a lot to go before some definitive Japanese modular building set. Continue reading “Japanese Modular House (Work in progress)”