Women Jeans Model

I’ve modeled some jeans for DAZ3D Victoria8 figure in Marvelous Designer 7. The new Marvelous Designer presents some nice features (Modular mode, Topstitching, Zipper, etc.) with respect to the previous version, but the most important improvement, IMHO, is in the performance, which is really nice. I really had fun doing those jeans and other clothes I’m still working on and will show in the feature.
For this model, I’ve tested the new stitching feature of Marvelous; however, at the end, instead of baking them in Substance Painter, I ended up painting them with the stitches tool of Substance. Essentially for 2 reasons: the file obtained exporting the topstitches was so big that it was impossible to edit it in Maya LT (computer was just freezing) and the result of the baking in Painter wasn’t very satisfying. For the jeans tissue I used some of the tricks presented in this very useful tutorial; the author does everything in Photoshop, I’ve used Photoshop only for step 2 and then I did step 7 directly in Substance Painter (and omitted the others steps).
The pictures are the photorealistic renderings from DAZ3D.

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