Japanese Modular House (Work in progress)

UPDATE July, 2018: I’ve completely remodeled again the whole thing to avoid the unsightly borders in the middle of the pillars. Now it’s looking completely differently, look here some more recent posts.

Japanese Modular House: A small preview of what I’m doing right now. Modelling in Maya LT, texturing in Substance Painter. It looks really improved with respect to the previous version. Still a lot to go before some definitive Japanese modular building set.

Done so far: few kinds of walls, shoji and fusuma. Also, 4 different types of wood for those: cherry (as in the pics),  makore, red cedar, walnut black.

All pieces are in standard sizes, so they are easy to align and use together (aka modular).

I already did one version of modular Japanese architecture kit before, it can be seen in prior screenshot here on this site. There was different problems: it was too low poly, there was no baked textures,  sizes was not well standardized and it was to small for a game. The ceiling was simply too low with respect to game requirements and also w.r.t real Japanese houses.

More to come.


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