Anim BP for Victoria plus some other stuff [Daz to UE4]

Various stuff done: anim bp for player and NPC, clothing, posing, trying Motionbuilder, custom “look at” and fighting with jcms.

  • Root motion based anim blueprint for Daz character using retargeted animations from this pack. Same anim blueprint works for both player controlled character and AI, like shown in the video.
  • Changing clothes using Unreal’s asset system (dynamic loading).
  • Menu for “posing”, poses exported from Daz and stored as ehh…. poses in UE!
  • Creating HIK character in Motionbuilder demo then retargeting in Maya LT. This solves the problem of in-line bones. Seems that Maya’s HIK cannot create a character with in-line roll bones, but can work with such character imported from MB. Hmm…
  • A custom anim graph node similar to “look at” but in local space, so the character can “look at” even when lying on the ground. (Original one is in the mesh space, character is supposed to be in vertical position)
  • (Not really done yet) Fighting to find a way to drive joint corrective morphs dynamically in UE, instead of importing baked values. UE cannot import correct rotation axis for Daz character. Problem lies in how Daz creates the fbx file. Created a custom anim graph node similar to the Bone Driven Controller but with an offset rotation, but it still has problems.

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