Car Model

Work in progress, but start to look good. The car is one of the cars available on DAZ marketplace. There is a lot of work to reduce the very high polygon mesh from DAZ to something more game friendly (and still I have to do the LOD meshes, this is only for a very close look). I used the materials of Epic’s Automotive Material Pack (free, available on Epic Marketplace) slightly modified to add my backed normal maps. Here a preview, more comes when finished.

Mirror animation in Human IK with root motion

Our goal is to swap animation between left and right sides of the body. For example there is a walk forward start animation that begins by lifting the left foot, and we want the exact opposite: character walks forward but starts by lifting the right foot. In my case it’s for UE4 character with root motion, but I suppose it can be applied to another cases too. Continue reading “Mirror animation in Human IK with root motion”