Modular Procedural Scaffolding System Description

Modular and procedural scaffolding system and various construction site assets for Unreal 4 Marketplace.

This pack allows to build a full construction site environment. It’s principal feature is the scaffolding system, inspired from the real Ringlock-type scaffolding. The scaffolding is composed by the same modular pieces as they would be in a real scaffold. All pieces are low poly.
The sizes also are realistic. These pieces can be assembled manually using a 5cm grid, but they are also prepared to be used with the Modular Snap System, sold separately on the marketplace. They can also be assembled procedurally using a blueprint that allows to build prefab blocks. An editor UMG widget offers a compact view of all the options of the blueprint allowing a faster construction of these prefabs.
The prefabs obtained in this way are also modular, so one can build huge scaffolding in little time. The sizes available for these blocks are the ones available in reality, namely 50,100,200,300,400 cm for height, 70, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 300 cm for width and depth.
There is also a blueprint for stairs offering 2 material variations and 4 different stair width sizes, again as in reality.
The pack offers also a lot of other assets for a construction site, such as containers (modular, configurable via blueprint), various modular fences and gates, various curtains, barriers, skips, a tarpaulin for the skips, a billboard, corner security guards, various security signs (configurable via blueprint with 2 different sizes and various texts written in English and Japanese), Japanese style traffic cones, a plastic board, a security LED lamp (configurable via blueprint with 3 different colors depending of its role and location), various cables and pipes (configurable via spline blueprint) and a helmet.
There are also all the assets needed for assembling a road using the same spline blueprint as the cables, they are used in the demo level to show the scaffold for repairing a bridge.


  • A full modular and procedural scaffolding system configurable manually or with a blueprint and editor UMG widget; it contains vertical posts, horizontal ledgers, diagonal braces, bracket, base plate, bridging beams, starting tube, platforms, timber beams, toe boards, U-ledgers and U-head jack;
  • Configurable scaffold stairs (2 material, 4 width sizes)
  • Configurable containers (colors, windows, door)
  • Configurable skips (colors, tarpaulin, with or without earth inside)
  • 6 different modular fences
  • Entrance door for people
  • Entrance gate for cars and tracks
  • Barrier
  • Plastic board
  • Japanese style traffic cones and cones connectors
  • Configurable security signs (2 sizes, 9 texts English and Japanese)
  • Curtains and nets
  • 5 different cables to be used with the spline BP
  • Security lamp (configurable via BP, 3 different colors according to the usage)
  • 3 different corner safety guards (realistic sizes and colors)
  • Billboard
  • Helmet
  • A full road system to be used with the spline BP


  • 1 Editor UMG widget for easy procedural building od scaffolding blocks;
  • 8 blueprints for assembling variants of various assets;
  • 1 spline blueprint for cables and roads
  • 119 static meshes
  • 79 material instances
  • Complete demo scene (day and night lighting)

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