Modern Houses

In the last few months, I’ve started a few new things, one of those are modern Japanese houses and their equipment, like gas meters, electricity meters, air ducts, air conditioners, advertising banners. Parts of those could be useful also for the traditional houses, as they are traditional, but as they exist nowadays.

Gas Meter

Modeled in Maya lt, textured and rendered in Substance Painter, it was quite a challenge because, in the country I live, there are really a very few houses that use gas. For this reason, it was also very interesting. There is a lot of online material about it if one searches for ” ガスメーター”.

Electricity Meter

This one also is textures and rendered in Substance Painter.

Air Conditioners

There are very low-poly, the vents are just materials generated from 2 reference photos with Substance Alchemist. Again, rendering and texturing in Substance Painter.


A few advertising banners, just for a start. Still wip.

Modern Houses

Started to model assets for creating modern houses. In order to reduce number of draw calls and textures, I’ve tried the trim set approach mixed with vertex painting. Still very wip, but it looks really promising. For the trim sets I heavily used zBrush, as I’m now learning to use it. It’s really a great program.

I did also a few more thing to improve the traditional Japanese House project while learning zBrush, but I think I’ll speak about them in my next post, as they deserve their own article.

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