Modular Japanese House Kit Tutorial – Introduction

Unreal Marketplace: MJH Modular Japanese Town House 

Here a series of tutorials about the modular Japanese House kit that I’ve built for Unreal 4.

First, a small introduction about the traditional architecture in Japan. There are essentially 4 types of traditional houses in Japan (I’m speaking of house for people and shops, not temples, palaces, etc), the ones in the cities, called machiya (町家, literally town-house), the farmhouses nōka (農家), the  fishermen’s dwellings gyoka (漁家) and mountain dwellings sanka (山家). My project concerns at the moment only the machiya, even if I have already done a few pieces also for the country-houses and I would like to make a pack for those too in the future.

My pack is for traditional houses, however, they are for the modern times; I mean, it’s the traditional architecture how is preserved nowadays. The furniture that comes with the pack is modern. However, it can be easily adapted to also represent Japan during the Edo period or Meiji restoration. Continue reading “Modular Japanese House Kit Tutorial – Introduction”

House Example

Today’s work for my Modular Japanese House project. I wasn’t totally satisfied with the previous version of this house (a small house, desalinated to guests and situated in a garden), so I remade it. I also added the possibility to have the paper of the shoji doors outside the frames, and added rain gutters and pipes.

Adding Details Update

I’m continuing to add details to the Modular Japanese House project. Here today update. Finally I’ve textured the curtains and the banners and modeled and textured some pipes and rain gutters.

Adding Details to the Scene

I’ve started adding a few details to the scene, in order to make the environment more lively. I had to model a few new meshes and make some textures. My friend did the sewers like decals. I still want to add some text on the banners and make some new curtains (Noren) for more variety.