Modular Japanese House Kit Tutorial – Interior Props – Part C

In this post I will present the props contained under “A_PropsInt/Stairs“.

As the folder name suggests, this folder contains stairs.

There are essentially 2 types of stairs, the ones you can directly put into your level and the modular ones you can compose as you like.

Let’s start from the first group, the pre-built stairs.


This is a very simple stair, for a full height wall. The BP allows to change the wood material and add a stair base when needed.


This is a stair for 380 cm wall height. No blueprint, no wood choice. You can add SM_Stair_Base in front of it when needed.



This is a small stair, you can use to fill the distance between the earth and BP_floor_ext or inside between the lower part of the house and the elevated one. The BP allows to change the wood material.


SM_step_entrance_dark, SM_step_entrance_natural, SM_step_entrance_red

These are 3 variants for a small  stair used to walk from the lower part of the house to the elevated one.


Modular stairs

Now, let’t talk about the modular stairs.

There are a few BPs: BP_StairBox_1, BP_StairBox_2, BP_StairBox_3, BP_StairBox_4, BP_StairBox_2x8, BP_StairBox_3x3. These BPs allow to change the wood material for your stair. They are meant to be used to build traditional tansu stairs. Although pretty similar to the tansu stairs and cabinetry, available under A_PropsInt/Furniture these BPs allow to build a tansu stair that is bot friendly. However, in order to achieve this the proportions are slightly different from the actual tansu stairs proportions. So, if you want a realistic tansu stair use A_PropsInt/Furniture/BP_Tansu_stair_1 or build your own with the meshes available in A_PropsInt/Furniture/Meshes; if you want a bot friendly tansu stair, then use the BPs available in A_PropsInt/Stairs.


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