Modular Japanese Town House Example Maps: MS_Machiya_1

I’ve decided to take a little time to present each of the 19 pre-built example houses you find in the pack MJH Modular Japanese Town House we offer on the Unreal Marketplace.  These example maps are created using the houses I have built for the demo of the pack and are meant to show what you can accomplish with the assets of MJH, but you can also use them as they are or with modifications in your levels. That’s why I want to spend sometime speaking of each house.

Today, let’s see MS_Machiya_1.

This is the biggest machiya in the demo and has almost all features of the traditional Japanese architecture.
I’ve created its floor plan using this plan I’ve found on the web. It’s actually a plan  to explain how the air circulation works, but it also show very well how the rooms were usually disposed in a typical merchant house.

For the actual facade of the house, I was inspired by this museum with a few modifications to recreate an itoya (yarn, clothing, fabric​) shop.

Modular Japanese Town House Documentation

Modular Japanese Town House Pack on UE4 Marketplace 

Download Demo



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