Mirror animation in Human IK with root motion

Our goal is to swap animation between left and right sides of the body. For example there is a walk forward start animation that begins by lifting the left foot, and we want the exact opposite: character walks forward but starts by lifting the right foot. In my case it’s for UE4 character with root motion, but I suppose it can be applied to another cases too. Continue reading “Mirror animation in Human IK with root motion”

Driver holds steering wheel

Steering wheel copy rotation of the front wheel. Driver hands attached to sockets on the wheel.

Arms are moved using two bones IK, like described in previous post.

As a side note, UE4 example car used in this video has rather correct size, maybe just a little too narrow. But the seats are way too high. I had driver’s head all the way outside. Added bones for the seat and moved it like 20cm lower or so.

First release of something

Well, we already participated to a few game jams, but this is the first project finished.


Barista is a memory game. You are a Barman in a coffee bar. Serve orders by pressing correct buttons in correct order.

You have 3 lives. For every round lost you lose one life. For every €100 earned you restore one life.

If you don’t make mistakes your reputation increases. Bigger reputation means more difficult orders.

Controls: WASD or Controller.

Donwload it on itch.io