Ryouriya’s (料理屋) interior and other progress on the modular Japanese house

I’m still working to build a machiya street with stores, restaurants and privates houses , inspired from  pictures of Kyoto and Ise.  Here you can see some progress I did in the last weeks. I hope you like it. Since my previous screenshots, I’ve been working on the lights, especially on the material used in UE4. The lights in this screenshots are all statics with a fake subsurface effect in the material (you cannot have a subsurface material working with a static light in UE4) and use IES profiles for more realism.
I’ve have also modeled a few new props, like a few more typical Japanese curtains (I’ve used Marvelous designer for these), the typical Japanese cushions (Marvelous again), some old props I’ve modeled in the past for another project (all furniture for restaurants and bars) and added also a few props from DAZ shop into the scene.

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