Modular Japanese Town House Example Maps: MS_Dependence_1

Today, I will present another house of  the 19 pre-built example houses you find in the pack MJH Modular Japanese Town House we offer on the Unreal Marketplace, the one included in the map MS_Dependence_1.

This house is, in fact, the dependence of the previous described house MS_Machiya_1.

Here, how the level looks in the distributed pack. You can, of course, copy the house and paste it in your levels, as it is or modifying it as you like, saving you some time. Of course, you can also build from scratch your own houses. Please refer to the documentation of the pack.

MS_Dependence_1 level in MJH Modular Japanese Town House pack.

Take a look to the interiors, also available in the example level of the pack:

I use this house in the demo of the pack, you can download on, as you can see in the following screenshots.

As the name of the level suggests, this map is supposed to be the dependence of a bigger house. In the demo level is used as  the dependence of MS_Machiya_1. You can think of it as a house to receive guests. As I explained in the post describing MS_Machiya_1, for building it I took inspiration from a museum. Now, if you look in its garden, there is a dependence that just look like the house I created in this level.

In the demo, I tried to recreate the atmosphere of the garden too. In the MJH pack, you find also the stone lamps, the stone paths, the different fences and gates and the Sodegaki (袖垣) you need to recreate the garden of the demo and of the Google map.

The small lake with carps you see in the demo for this house is inspired from  some other pictures of similar small houses I saw on pinterest. I liked the idea and decided to add to this house in the demo using the carps of the Zen Garden demo level available on the showcase section of UE4. I also used a few others assets from the same demo, for example the blueprint to make the typical wave shapes on the gravel of the garden.

That’s all for this house, one of my favorites.
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