How to use Unreal Insights with Oculus Quest

How to use UE4 Unreal Insights profiler with Oculus Quest.

First, setup your UE4 project for Oculus as described here:

Then run Unreal Insights tool which is located in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.24\Engine\Binaries\Win64

Insights will collect data via network, so you will need to send that over USB, from Oculus Quest to PC. Open a terminal and type:

adb.exe reverse tcp:1980 tcp:1980

Then you need to tell your game to send profiler data, this is done by modifying the UE4CommandLine.txt file located in the Game folder one the Quest (example: This PC\Quest\Internal shared storage\UE4Game\YourGameName) and adding few parameters:

-cpuprofilertrace -statnamedevents -tracehost=

Now, when you run your game on the Quest it will send the profiling data to the Insight host running on the PC and you will able to study it live or after the game is closed.

Unreal Insights docs are located here:

Also, there is a nice video about it:

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