Sushi Chef

One of the things I did last fall/summer, but I never published on this blog, is a sushi chef model. I’ve modeled the cloths with Marvelous Designer 9. Actually, the main reason for this model was to try the new features available in Marvelous 9. The typical Japanese geta (下駄) shoes were modeled in Maya lt. Everything is textured in Substance Painter. The character is Lee from DAZ 3D (Genesis 8).

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Modular Japanese Town House Example Maps: MS_Machiya_15

This example is a separate house, but also a dependence of the restaurant seen in MS_Machiya_16. Also the real world houses that inspired the main restaurant building have a dependence like this one nearby. Actually, the dependence is located in the middle of the two buildings (see here for the seafood restaurant side and here for the soba one) .

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